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Welcome to Forgotten Timber!

Forgotten Timber Recovery is a salvage firm that recovers sinker logs that were rafted down rivers to saw mills 100-150 years ago.  1/4 of all logs transported back then sunk to the bottom of the rivers and have been lost to the world, untill now.  Most all logs recovered are first growth timber.  Forgotten Timber recovers only the finest Apalacian Timber Zone logs.  The Apalacian Zone Timber contains some of the finest old growth timber in the United States. 
Types of Logs we Recover
Recovery Statistics - 60% of all logs recovered are Oak and American Chestnut

You may be asking...
Why hasn't the wood rotted if it is over 100 years old?

The logs are recovered from the bottom of rivers. The Cold and Low Oxygen depths of the rivers leave the logs completely preserved.
Why should I get my wood from Forgotten Timber?

Durability and Beauty  A tight pattern with a high ring count gives the improved strength and beauty to last for generations.
Wood Work  Ideal for antique reproduction, Musical Instruments, Flooring, Furniture, Cabinets, Stairs, Railings and more.
Unique Look  Trees today are cut down at a younger age for fast production and can't be compared to old growth timber from over a 100 years ago. The wood is the finest quality and can't be matched in even in the forest today.
Environment Friendly  By using recovered timber you are in no way harming the environment, after all these logs were cut over a 100 years ago.
Our Devotion  We are totally devoted to our customers.  Because of that we give you the lowest prices compared to any competitor salvage timber firm.
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